City program “Learning Business”

It is known that small and medium business – is a significant component of the economy of each country. And today we pay a significant attention on its support. In this relation, it`s enough to say about the long-term projects “Mykolaiv – is a city of free entrepreneurship,” which creates favorable legal, informational and financial conditions for doing business in our city and opening of the Center for providing administrative services in the building of the municipality.

However, ongoing analysis of business shows that it is not enough. What is the reason that 80% of entrepreneurs start their business, and then stop their activity during their first year? It turns out that this is largely because of lack of knowledge in the field of business. So in order to fill this gap the program “Initiative of the Mykolaiv mayor Vladimir Chayka “Learning business”, has been successfully implementing in our city, since 2003.

Implementation of the program “Initiative of the Mykolaiv Mayor Volodymyr Chayka ” Learning business ” based on Mykolaiv Regional Business Support Center – is honorable and at the same time responsible task for us.

Training, retraining and advanced training for small businesses, is the first of the main directions of state support of small business, which is defined by Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine “On State Support of Small Business”. In addition, according to the Law of Ukraine “On the National program of promoting the small entrepreneurship in Ukraine”, the aim of the National program in creation of an infrastructure of small business development is the formation of system of start-UPS training and management development of the business sector.

The training program “Learning Business” provides the knowledge needed to build a business, develop a business plan and successful business management. To participate in training managers and owners of new businesses, residents of Mykolaiv – both employed and unemployed, who want to start their own business are invited.

Business course of program includes: assessment of entrepreneurial skills, learning the basics of economics, finance, marketing, management, business planning, legal aspects of the business opening, development and protection of the business plans.

Today, the Center is a leading consulting company of Mykolaiv city, and business education and training is one of the priority directions of our activity. Teachers of the Center are upscale professionals who possess the advanced technology of training the various aspects of entrepreneurship. Over the past 2003-2014 years more than 1,700 entrepreneurs have been trained and developed their business plans at the end of program. Many graduates now have a successful business. The program gives the opportunity to build business with skills, and to get a quality and modern education.

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